Morris sides

Bloodstone Border Morris live on the Isle of Wight and are amazing to watch. They also know how to party.

Boss Morris is a new women’s side, Cotswold-ish and delightfully bonkers!

Chippenham Town Morris Men call us Roadkill Morris. We call them Hanky-Wavers. But they are a great bunch of lads and a fine Cotswold side, and we love dancing with them.

Dartmoor Border Morris invited us to visit them to learn their dance ‘Quebec’, then we later hosted them for a Five Valleys tour to show them the inspiration for our dance ‘Five Valleys’. They’re a lovely and very hospitable family side.

Foxs Border Morris shared a dance spot with us at Upton Folk Festival and we’ve since become good friends. They came down to Stroud for the day recently, and you can see some of the photos here.

Happenstance Border Morris is the side our Squire Gary and our Bagman Hilary danced with before forming Styx of Stroud.

Ragged and Old Morris very much took us under their wing when we first started and invited us to share their May Morning sunrise dance-out. (They also are very good at getting to the bar first as the photo at the top of this page shows.)

Stroud Morris is a long established Cotswold side with a fantastic dance repertoire. And if you ask nicely they might show you their bloomers.

Widders Border Morris is a classy Border side from Chepstow. We share our dancers, and we share our wassails.


Chepstow Wassail and Mari Lwyd

Stroud Farmers’ Market

Stroud Folk Festival

Stroud Wassail – we’re proud to be the host side for Stroud Wassail, a traditional Gloucestershire-style wassail. No apples are harmed in the making of this wassail!

Upton Folk Festival


The Butcher’s Arms

The Hog at Horsley

The Royal Oak, Tetbury

The Salutation Inn


Holst Museum Restoration Appeal

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